by Cheryl B.

It was the late '70's. Sunny was a 21-year-old waitress-slash-aspiring- actress, one of thousands of young Los Angeles hopefuls in the same boat.

The Friday night capacity crowd at Glitter, the hot new disco in town, was dancing and sweating beneath the mirrored balls and strobe lights, the popular dance hits of the day pulsating at high decibel velocity through the air.

In a seafoam green chiffon dress, a touch of glittery eyeshadow and strappy silver high-heeled sandals, Sunny sat at a small glass and chrome table sipping a white wine, waiting for her friend Natalie to return from the ladies room.

Suddenly, a man approached her, no more than 25, wearing tight tan pants and a pale blue polyester shirt unbuttoned to his navel, displaying his hairy chest and multiple gold chains, his light brown hair blow-dried to within an inch of its life.

"Hey, babe," he said with a smarmy grin and a none-too-subtle wink, reeking of Brut and testosterone as he leaned in for the kill. "I'm Bob, mind if I join you?" he said, confidently taking a seat without waiting for a reply.

"Well, actually..." Sunny stammered, showing the Bob-meister far more courtesy than he deserved, "I'm waiting for my friend."

"No problemo, babe," Bob grinned, "Three's my lucky number! Hey, maybe the two of you can come back to my pad later - your friend *is* a chick, right?"

Lovely to meet you too, Bob. Charmed, I'm sure...

Subtlety was obviously not going to work on the neanderthal party boy. "Actually, she's a *woman,* but thank you all the same."

"Aww, now c'mon, babe, be nice," Bob retorted, "I promise you'll have a good time."

Oh I will, just as soon as you get lost...

"As I said, no." she said firmly, looking to see if Natalie was coming back yet. Sunny hated this, and was feeling very uncomfortable.

"Oh, you're no fun - here," Bob said, shoving a handful of assorted 'happy pills' in front of her face. "All you need is a few of these babies to lose those inhibitions, satisfaction guaranteed."

"The lady said no."

Startled, Sunny looked up to see a vaguely familiar, decidedly handsome man, in his late thirties she guessed, standing by the table, dressed in white pants and shirt, with just a few buttons unbuttoned and a single silver chain, his dark brown hair neatly trimmed and groomed. And the intoxicatingly rich, masculine, yet understated scent that he wore was the absolute antithesis of the cheap drugstore swill that surrounded Bob like a toxic cloud. It was a battle of class versus crass - and class was winning by a mile.

Her rescuer's manner and his ensemble were as elegant and subtly sophisticated as his cologne, compared to the lounge lizard sitting beside her, who, to her utter amusement, looked at the gentleman with a smug 'no competition, gramps' smirk.

No competition indeed...

"Are you alright?" the man asked of Sunny in a soft, lovely English accent, his eyes warm and kind with concern. She smiled at his grace and chivalry, such a rare thing in an era, and a place, like this.

"She's fine, the babe's with me," Bob interjected, like the runt of a litter of chihuahuas futilely marking his territory against a purebred champion German Shepherd.

"I was speaking to the lady," Richard said with quiet yet unmistakable authority.

"I'm fine, thank you," Sunny smiled. "Would you care to join me? Bob here was just leaving."

"I'd be delighted, thank you!" he responded.

One hand on his hip, needing no more than a calm, steady glare and a raised brow to make his point perfectly clear, the man sat down beside Sunny when her dejected, rejected suitor finally arose, surrendering his seat to the alpha male. Bob slunk across the room, tail between his legs, to wield his dubious charm on some other 'babe' as the gentleman introduced himself to Sunny.

"Hello, I'm Richard."

"I'm Sunny. A pleasure. Although are you sure it's not Sir Galahad, because the way you rescued me from that jerk was quite gallant! Thank you."

Richard smiled. "No thanks are necessary, love, but if you insist on repaying me, please allow me to buy you a drink and enjoy your company for a little while."

"Oh no, let me buy the first round," she insisted. "It's the least I can do." He grinned and conceded.

The bartender brought two glasses of white wine, and Richard looked at Sunny, captivating her within the gaze of his ethereally pale green, silver-frosted eyes. All she was able to do was smile softly back at him.

When, finally, she came back to some sense of reality, she realized his identity.

"Oh my God, you're on television, aren't you? Richard... Richard Dawson?" She felt like an idiot.

Richard laughed. "Guilty as charged, I'm afraid. But please don't hold it against me!"

Sunny laughed, relieved that he wasn't offended that she hadn't instantly recognized him. "Oh no, I enjoy you on 'Family Feud' very much! It's just that I don't often get to watch, I'm so busy all the time, between work and auditions."

Chuckling, Richard took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, the warm power of his large hand holding hers sending a tiny shiver down her spine. "I understand, darlin', please don't apologize. Despite the rumors you may have heard, my ego isn't quite that easily bruised." They laughed.

"You say you're busy with auditions - I take it you're an actress, then?" he asked.

"Yes," Sunny smiled. "The stereotypical would-be actress by day, waitress by night."

Richard kissed her hand gently. "My dear, somehow I've a feeling that there is nothing at all stereotypical about you." He looked out at the dance floor, then back at Sunny. "Would you care to dance?"

She nodded and he took her hand, leading her into the crowd of dancers. The sounds of KC & The Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight" rocked the house, as Sunny and Richard boogied their way through the happy, bouncy dance tune.

Then, after working up a sweat with "Y.M.C.A." (as Sunny taught a hopelessly giggling Richard the accompanying arm motions) and "Boogie Wonderland," Richard and Sunny took a breather, returning to their table.

"I must be getting old!" Richard grinned, "That took a lot out of me." He wiped his brow with a linen handkerchief retreved from his pocket.

"Well then, I guess I am too, because I'm bushed!" Sunny laughed. They ordered mineral water with lime to quench their parched throats.

Within the lovely distraction of the moment, Sunny suddenly realized that Natalie still hadn't returned. The obvious look of distress that crossed her pretty face caused a concerned Richard to ask what was troubling her, and she explained.

"Was she a blonde, wearing a light pink dress?" Richard asked.

"Yes!" Sunny replied, surprised. "How did you know?"

"Before I came over to your table, I overheard a
young lady at the bar talking to some fellow. She told him her name was Natalie, and they left together."

Sunny sighed. "Oh great..."

"I'm sorry, love," Richard said compassionately, "it wasn't nice to leave you stranded without telling you she was leaving."

"No," she explained, "It isn't that. I just hate the idea of her going off with some guy she just met."

She looked at Richard, and suddenly felt very naive and very foolish in the presence of this worldly, sophisticated man.

"Forgive me, I must sound like a total square," Sunny said, embarassed.

A sweet, warm smile slowly crept across Richard's handsome face. "Not at all. You sound like a lady with class, character and self-respect. A rareity in this day and age, I fear."

"Thank you," she laughed, relieved at his kind understanding. "But I'm afraid that character won't even get you cab fare these days."

Richard took her hand, a serious look in his glowing eyes. "Darlin', a man who only wants to take you home for the night doesn't deserve a second glance, and he surely doesn't deserve a woman as special as you."

His warmth radiated across the table, filling her soul with a sense of peace and comfort. "Thank you," she said softly, "it's just hard sometimes. It gets lonely. I don't mean just sleeping alone, sometmes it just feels like nobody else understands." She looked at him. "Until now."

The realization of how very frank she was being with this relative stranger caused her to blush and laugh nervously.. "Sorry, I didn't mean to get so personal... can we just forget all that I've said, start over and introduce ourselves again?"

Richard chuckled, tenderly pushing away a lock of shining deep chestnut hair from her face. "No, no, Sunny. Please don't be sorry, I'm flattered that you felt comfortable enough with me to be so open and honest. Besides," he continued, "It's rather refreshing to meet a woman who actually comes to these places for the music and dancing."

She smiled and sipped her mineral water. "Thank you, I guess I assumed you'd think it was dreadfully old-fashioned, what I said. I appreciate your understanding."

"My angel," Richard replied softly, "I'm no saint, believe me. But I've learned, often the hard way, I must confess, that making love, if you can even call it that, is an awfully cold and empty thing when it doesn't come from the heart, growing out of love and caring for each other." He looked down, a touch of quiet regret coloring his features. "Believe me, love, it's a far lonelier feeling to wake up with the wrong person, than to go to bed alone..."

Sunny, sensing that he was speaking from his own bittersweet experience, merely squeezed his hand and offered a warm, understanding smile.

Let him be for real. Please, God, let this one be for real...

The DJ announced that the last song was coming up, Richard and Sunny, having talked the night away, couldn't believe so much time had passed. He led her back to the dance floor one last time, taking her into his arms as Donna Summer's "Last Dance" began to play. He looked into her eyes as he held her close.

"Last dance, last chance for love. Yes it's my last chance for romance tonight..."

As the lights bounced and shimmered off of the disco ball like a multitude of stars in the dimly-lit discotheque, Sunny felt that she had found an all-too rare gem of genuine romance, smack dab in the middle of the cold, hedonistic '70's. The magic of this fragile moment - the music, the mood, and the man looking at her with such affection - was stealing her heart.

"Oh I need you by me, beside me to guide me..."

And as Richard's eyes sparkled with tenderness, he leaned in to softly kiss her as they continued to dance. Sunny closed her eyes, her heart pounding in her chest, and sighed.

"To hold me, to scold me, 'cause when I'm bad, I'm so, so bad..."

Gloriously bewitched, they continued to dance to the DJ's slow, extended 'love mix' of the song, oblivious to the crowd surrounding them. Richard pressed her close to him, his eyes warm and tender..

The sweet alchemy of this this blissful moment would be forever ingrained upon Sunny's heart, without a doubt. No matter what happened, it belonged to her, and even if she never saw Richard again, she would always have this night, pressed within the pages of her memories like a delicate, beautiful flower.

Finally, the music ended and the lights came up to signal the end of the evening. Reluctantly, Richard helped Sunny on with her coat, and walked her out to her car.

"Thank you so much, Richard," she said with a slight, sad smile, knowing it was likely their final farewell, not daring to hope for more. "I appreciate your rescuing me, and for your very enjoyable company, it was a lot of fun." She kissed his cheek softly. "Goodnight."

Turning to open her car door, she stopped dead in her tracks when she felt Richard's large, strong hand falling softly upon her shoulder, causing her to close her eyes and shiver just a little.

"Sunny," he said in a low voice, turning her to face him. "Forgive me, but your 'goodnight' just sounded so final. Please tell me that it's not too much to hope for that I might see you again sometime?"

She swallowed the baseball-sized lump in her throat and looked at him. "You... you'd like to see me again?" she said, surprised.

"With all my heart..." he replied. And with that, his mouth sought hers, the tip of his tongue outlining her lips with a feathery touch, silently urging her to succumb to his sweet, insistent kisses. Sunny moaned in disbelieving bliss as she nestled one hand gently against the back his head, the other resting on his chest, and drew him closer to her as they kissed beneath the light of the moon.

His warm, moist tongue slowly explored every inch of her mouth, savoring her sweetness and the obvious pleasure he was stirring within her, as she was within him.

Sunny felt dizzied, gloriously so, and pulled Richard closer, needing him even more deeply. He backed away for a moment to offer her a crooked, seductive grin before crushing his mouth to hers, understanding and fulfilling her need, his tongue deeper within her mouth now, slow and so unbearably beautiful she nearly wept.

He found his way to her earlobe, nipping gently at it, tugging it softly between his teeth, before making a trail of soft, warm kisses down the flushed skin of her neck. Sunny gasped and cradled his head in her hands, unable to do much more than to drink in the electric sensation of his fiery kisses upon her skin.

Richard took her mouth in another deep, passionate kiss, and then looked at Sunny with a gentle gaze.

"Shall I take that as a yes to that second date, then?" he asked mischievously.

"What do you think?" Sunny asked with a grin. She thought for a moment. "Hey, I've got a marvelous idea for tomorrow.... why don't you pick me up early tomorrow afternoon, about 1? If you're up for a surprise, that is."

Richard grinned and consented to her mysterious request, and she wrote down her name, telephone number and address on a slip of paper before they went their separate ways.

Richard was right on time the next day, as Sunny merely directed him towards the new downtown thrift shop, offering no further clues. Inside, they perused the racks, pawing through aisles of assorted clothes from dressy blouses to tattered-beyond-hope jeans. Richard, still hopelessly in the dark, played along like a good sport.

Finding a rather worn men's black tailcoat with fraying black satin trim, she called Richard over to try it on.

"Is it Halloween already?" he chortled, "Perhaps I need a new calendar."

"Oh hush," she smiled, "You'll find out soon enough what we're doing tonight!"

Grinning, he held his arms out as she helped him on with the jacket. It was perfect, and she took it under her arm as she rifled through an assortment of dresses, taking a couple of black ones into the dressing room, soon emerging and replacing one on the rack, keeping the one she chose slung over her arm with his jacket.

After selecting a pair of black high-heeled, mid-calf boots for herself, and a rather trashed white men's dress shirt from the dime bin for him, she grinned at Richard. "I think we're about done," Sunny said as they headed to the checkout stand to pay for their purchases.

"My treat," she insisted with a smile when he pulled out his wallet.

He drove her back home, and Sunny kissed him softly as he opened her car door for her. "Come by about eight and I'll help you get ready. Just bring black pants and shoes, everything else is covered."

"If you're trying to intrigue me, it's working," Richard smiled, kissing her again. "I'll see you at eight then, love, for whatever grand adventure you have in store for us this evening." With a wave, he was off.

Eight o'clock rolled around quickly, and Richard arrived at Sunny's doorstep bearing roses, ringing the bell.

"Come in..."

Opening the door, he stepped inside and closed it behind him. Seeing that his lady was nowhere in sight, he called out her name.

"I'll be right there," her voice rang down the hallway, "Just give me a second."

"Alright, love." Smiling, Richard sat on the sofa, laying the flowers on the coffee table, and waited, flipping through a copy of Life Magazine, and anticipating the unknown.

"Hi there!" she said, causing him to look up. Richard's eyes grew huge as the magazine slipped unnoticed to the floor. He looked Sunny up and down in delighted awe.

She wore the clingy black button-front, knee-length dress she found at the thrift shop, the bottom three and top two buttons undone, exposing just the barest enticing hint of the black lace bra, sheer black stockings and garters she wore underneath. The new-old boots and white lace-trimmed apron and cap completed her transformation into a slinky, sexy French maid.

Her eyes were made up with heavy dark eyeshadow and extra-long false lashes - top and bottom - accented by her pale face and deep scarlet lipstick. Her hair was an unruly yet appealing cacophony of dark, frizzy curls, and she held an appropriate prop in her hand as she grinned at Richard's unabashedly approving glance.

"I really like your feather duster," he said, coming near her with a seductive smile.

"Why, thank you...." she replied softly, returning eagerly the sweet, passionate kiss he gave her, and playfully brushing the feather duster against his chest.

"So," Richard said, still admiring his beautiful, otherworldly domestic, "As completely enamored as I am with your lovely costume, I fear I'm still at a loss as to what we're up to tonight."

Sunny figured she'd left him hanging long enough. "Well, there's this wild new thing called 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' that everybody's talking about." she explained. "A friend took me a couple of times. It's a movie, but it's more than that - people get dressed up, throw stuff, yell out things. It's great fun!"

His eyes lit up with recognition. "I've heard about that, it's supposed to be quite the sensation, and it all started in Britain, if memory serves. Sounds like fun, when does it start?"

"It's a tradition to show it at midnight," Sunny said. "The witching hour brings out all the strange elements."

"Coals to Newcastle around this town," he chuckled, "But I'm game. So what do I need to do to get ready?"

Sunny guided him to a chair in the middle of the kitchen. "Just sit here and let me fix you up a bit." After putting the flowers in a vase and setting them on the kitchen table, she grabbed her makeup bag.

She applied foundation and powder to make his skin tone very light and ghostly, then added dark brown powdered blush with a small sable brush to apply circles underneath his eyes, and used a larger brush to apply the same powder to the hollows of his cheeks, making him look appropriately gaunt and drawn.

She slicked back his hair with some gel, had him put on the shirt and jacket from the thrift shop, covering the tops of his shoes with some makeshift spats that she'd fashioned from the same old white sheet she made her apron and cap from.

Sunny stood back to admire her handiwork. "Not bad..." she grinned. "Come on, let's go take a look!"

She took his hand and led him to the full-length mirror in the hallway, and they giggled at their reflection. "Hello, Riff-Raff," Sunny said, "I'm Magenta. A pleasure to meet you!"

"Riff-Raff?" Richard chuckled, lightly kissing her hand, "I've been called that many times." He smiled softly. "The pleasure is all mine, my fair Magenta."

Sunny winked playfully at him. "Our characters are servants in a dark, mysterious castle. And we're close. Very, very close..." She looked at Richard tenderly, leaning in to offer her lips to him, which he gladly accepted, pressing his mouth to hers and enjoyng their bit of costumed role-playing.

"Mmmmm, how close are we?" he growled softly, deepening his kiss.

She laughed. "Having a Match Game flashback, are you?".

"Oh God, I'm afraid so," he retorted with mock distaste. "I suppose there's only one cure, then - come kiss me again and help me forget..."

It was 10 o'clock and they decided to head to the show, as Sunny warned him that the theatre filled up quickly at the popular midnight shows, but that standing in line waiting with the other theatregoers was half the fun of it anyway.

As they arrived and took their place in line, Sunny had great fun over Richard's fascinated enjoyment as he watched all the people in their various costumes. And, whether it was his makeup and clothing, or the youth of the crowd, nobody seemed to recognize him. It was a rare treat to go out in public and be invisible, free to enjoy the evening with the beautiful lady by his side, with no paparazzi or autograph- seekers to disturb them.

There was a redhead in sequined shorts, top hat and bow tie; a young blonde man in gold lame shorts; a group of people in ill-fitting tuxedos, sunglasses and party hats; others dressed like Sunny and Richard; some teens simply dressed in rock band t-shirts and jeans; and a striking man in black bustier, garter, stockings and high heeled glittery shoes, topped off with a cape, dark curly hair and beautiful, impeccable makeup - dark eyes, purple-red lips, and arched brows.

"This is amazing!" he told Sunny, like a kid at Halloween in absolute awe of his friends' cool costumes.

"Just wait," she teased him, "it gets better."

The doors opened soon, and Richard bought their tickets. They went inside and found two seats toward the middle of the theatre, and watched the people milling about - laughing, singing, talking, shouting to each other across the room - as loud rock music blasted in the background.

When the music died down after a while, an announcer took the stage, in jeans and a biker jacket dressed up with chains and other designs, a large fake gash painted across his forehead. He welcomed everybody to the show.

"And now," the man bellowed gleefully, "Are there any virgins here tonight?"

The crowd roared, and Richard shot Sunny a puzzled grin.

"It means someone who's never seen the movie before," she explained, while looking up at the announcer, pointing at Richard and smiling.

"What the...?" Richard exclaimed, laughing, when he saw what she was doing. "Oh, you are gonna pay for this," he smiled mischievously as he was egged on by the audience to go up onstage.

"Time to initiate the virgin!" the announcer yelled to the wild masses. A beautiful young lady dressed like Sunny came up beside him.

"This is Candy. She's going to make a virgin sacrifice, everyone!" The crowd went wild.

The girl took a bright red lipstick and marked his forehead with a large "V," and then applied a liberal coating to her mouth, kissing him on the cheek and leaving behind her lip print. Richard could not disguise the fact that he was loving every single moment of the experience.

Candy then had him kneel as she squirted a mound of whipped cream into his mouth, topping it off with a cherry. He swallowed the cream and kept the cherry in his mouth for several seconds, until he finally pulled the stem out and showed the audience that he'd tied a knot in it.

They cheered wildly, and Richard raised his arms with a victorious grin before returning to his seat beside Sunny.

"Showoff!" she chuckled, leaning over to kiss him softly on his unmarked cheek.

Richard looked back at her with a grin and a raised brow. "Just one of my many talents."

"Oh be quiet and watch the show!" she teasingly chided him.

The crowd once again went nuts as the announcer introduced some of the regulars who were having certain 'anniversaries' - a girl seeing her 100th show that night, a young man celebrating his 150th time.

After they returned to their seats, the announcer then called out, "Gimme an R!"

"R!" the audience yelled back.

"Gimme an O!"


"Gimme a C!"


"Gimme a K!"


"Gimme a Y!"


"What's that spell?"


"I can't hear you..."


"One more time!"


"That's right! Now, show us some.... Lips!"

"Lips! Lips! Lips! Lips!" the crowd chanted in the darkening theatre until they broke into applause at the sight of a huge pair of red lips appearing on the screen, singing a.haunting yet affectionate song about old B-grade horror films. Everybody sang along as a lady dressed like a cigarette girl stood in front of the screen and lip-synched to the song.

Sunny handed Richard a paper bag with a baggie of rice, some dry toast, a small blue squirt gun, a lighter, a few old playing cards, and a newspaper. She also had one of her own.

"Looks like a strange snack, did they run out of popcorn at the concession stand?" he laughed.

"They're props for the movie," she grinned. "You'll see..."

Richard shrugged and settled in, finding himself in utter, happy bewilderment as the show progressed - the strange musical film itself, the costumed cast acting out the on-screen action, and the often hilarious catcalls the audience would scream back at the screen. He glanced over occasionally at Sunny with a big smile.

There was a wedding scene, and Richard suddenly found himself being pelted with rice. Taking a cue from Sunny, who was taking handfuls of rice from her own bag and hurling them in the air, he followed suit, laughing heartily.

"This is unbelievable, I love it!" he exclaimed. Sunny smiled at him, motioning for him to get out his newspaper, lighter and squirt gun for a scene where the two young lead characters - Brad and Janet - were walking toward the ominous castle in the rain. The audience was a sea of newspaper-covered heads, just as Janet covered her head in the movie, and squirt guns to simulate the on-screen rain storm, pausing to raise flaming lighters when the characters sang "There's a light.... over at the Frankenstein place..."

During that song, he saw a character that looked somewhat familiar singing in the castle window. "That's me, isn't it?" he asked her.

"Yes, that's Riff-Raff!" she smiled.

"Where are you at, love?"

"Just a few minutes, you'll see me!"

Sure enough, as the innocent young couple entered the castle, a strange, sexy French maid slid down the bannister and started singing with Riff-Raff.

"There you are!" he grinned.

"Come on!" Sunny said, pulling on Richard's arm.


"Stand up! It's The Time Warp!"

Richard had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, but he obeyed her command, allowing himself to be carried along on this wonderously wild ride, as the entire audience mimicked the dance on the screen.

"It's just a jump to the left..."

The audience threw their arms in the air and jumped in unison.

"And then a step to the right..."

Sunny showed Richard how to move his right foot, tapping it lightly to the side three times as his arms moved in time.

"With your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight.."

Everyone swung their arms around in a circle, ending up with their hands on their hips, and drawing in their knees together.

"But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane..."

Hands still on hips, Richard tried to keep up, looking at the screen, then at Sunny, pushing his hips forward four times, then undulating them in a circular motion as she was showing him.

"Let's do the Time Warp again!"

En masse, the group jumped to face to the left, then to the right, ending with one hand thrust into the air, waiting for the next verse to begin.

After the song, everyone sat back down, soon worked into a frenzy again as a caped figure - obviously an audience favorite - made his grand entrance on screen, looking like that one man in line earlier.

Before they knew it, the show was over. It surely was an evening Richard would not soon forget.

"Well, what did you think of your first time?" Sunny asked with a grin as they got into his car.

"I had a blast!" Richard exclaimed, "Thank you so much for sharing this new experience with me."

"It was absolutely my pleasure," she said softly. "I'm so glad you had a good time."

"I did. But it did leave me a bit wound up from the adrenaline rush - would you like to go for a drive before I take you home?"

"Sure," Sunny agreed.

They drove for a little over half an hour, before coming to a deserted lot overlooking the lights of the city. Richard parked the car, and Sunny rested her head on his shoulder as he held her in his arms.

"Mmmmm, this is nice," she sighed, snuggling closer.

"Very nice..." Richard agreed quietly, one hand rubbing her shoulder as the other turned on the radio to set a soft, romantic mood.

Looking into his eyes, Sunny touched his cheek, the makeup she'd applied to him earlier beginning to fade. His hands tangled in her curls, drawing her face to his, and he sweetly invaded her painted lips with a deep, needful kiss.

Pressing against him, she moaned softly, closing her eyes and drinking in the unbearably beautiful sensations that flooded her.

His mouth still one with hers, he clutched her to him, feeling her heart pounding as his tongue flickered passionately against hers.

"I've never made out with a sexy French maid before," Richard growled softly with a sweet, wicked grin, "But I could certainly get used to this..."

"So could I..." she breathed, reveling in the deep, passionate kiss they shared.

As Sunny grasped him tightly, she felt his warm breath tickling her ear as he whispered, sending shockwaves through her body. "You are a very special girl, and so very, very beautiful."

"Richard..." she gasped as his hand came to rest feather-soft on her thigh, their close embrace revealing to her that his excitement matched hers.

"God, Sunny..." he groaned, softly kissing her neck as his fingertips lightly traced the lace that edged the top of her stocking.

How ironic, she thought, as she began to melt into his arms like a chocolate kiss in the summer sun. After their conversation at the disco the night before, how they both shared a desire for something higher, greater than a casual encounter, here she was . So vulnerable to the moonlight and his eyes and his kisses, moments away from guiding his hand to where she ached to feel his gentle touch. And more.

As the windows became as foggy as her mind was at that moment, Sunny somehow managed to regain her senses and find her voice again.

"Richard, I think you'd better take me home now, please?"

He blinked and drew in a deep breath to clear his head, and sat up straight, looking at her. "Yes... I'm sorry, love."

"No, I'm the one who's sorry," Sunny protested, "I didn't mean to lead you on."

Richard lifted her chin with a finger, catching her eyes within his gaze, smiling tenderly, reassuringly. "Angel, you didn't. We just got carried away in the moment, that's all. No damage done." He gingerly smoothed her skirt and straightened his collar. "But you're right, let's get you home, shall we?"

But as he reached to switch on the engine, a familiar song came up on the radio, and instead, he got out, opening her door and offering a hand to her. Sunny stepped out of the car and into his waiting arms, leaving the door open so they could hear the music.

"But before we go, may I have the last dance of the evening, my lady?" he asked sweetly.

"Oh yes..." Sunny replied softly, locked into his intense, tender gaze as they danced together slowly, breathlessly in the moonlight, as a million stars twinkled in the black velvet sky above them, the music filling their senses with its beautiful melody, so full of romance and the promise of glorious things to come.

"I know your eyes in the morning sun, I feel you touch me in the pouring rain. And the moment that you wander far from me I wanna feel you in my arms again. And you come to me on a summer breeze, keep me warm in your love then you softly leave, and it's me you need to show - how deep is your love..."


* * * * *