Mama, can you hear the angel choirs singing?
Are the silver bells of Heaven sweetly ringing?
Do the streets within the City really golden shine?
Ah, Mama, this poor mortal shall only know in time.

Is it true that nighttime never comes to that place?
And the constant light shines from our dear Savior's face?
And by the way, did you really get to see
The Precious One with Whom we'll spend eternity?

What does He look like, Mama? And is His voice so sweet?
Did you touch the nailprint scars on His hands and on His feet?
Do you really have a mansion? Is it made all of jewels?
And the Carpenter's commanding word His only tools?

Well, Mama, Earth is still my humble stay,
And I must labor for the Lord and walk the narrow way
Until the day when Christ returns to claim His chosen few,
And then I'll join the Heavenly choir and forever be with you.

Copyright Cheryl B. 2009
Diva's Garden of Verse

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