by Cheryl B.

It was a rainy Thursday, only about noon, but already dark and gloomy. It was one of the off-weeks for taping the Feud, so Richard was home. A thought struck him, and he picked up the telephone, dialing a number.

"Wendy? It's me, love. Hey, can you arrange a long lunch today? I'll pick you up in a few minutes, if that's ok?"

"Hmmmm, it all depends," she replied with a smile. "What do you have brewing in the dark recesses of that mind of yours?"

Richard laughed. "Darn. I hate it when a woman gets to know the real me. That whole 'screaming-in-terror' thing just tends to kill the romance..."

Giggling, Wendy replied "Well, if you promise to be on your worst behavior..."

"For you, always..."

"Good! What fun would it be otherwise?"

"None at all," Richard said with a chuckle. "I'll see you in a few, my love."

"Alright, see you then Richard." She blew him a kiss through the phone line, which he returned before they hung up.

Wendy was a receptionist at a small real estate office. She met Richard a couple of months earlier at a local coffee bar when they were standing in line waiting for their cappuccinos, and her 15 minute coffee break turned into a 2-hour conversation with the handsome, charming gentleman who wasted no time in obtaining her phone number and an agreement to see him for dinner that night. They'd been dating ever since.

Her boss Gladys knew that Wendy was a hard-working, dependable employee, who often covered for the others when they needed it, so she didn't mind when she called to let her know that she'd be late, very late, getting back that day. She knew that Gladys wouldn't mind today either.

After Wendy freshened her powder and lipstick, and running a comb through her hair, Richard arrived. He wore black slacks, a hunter green shirt and a black overcoat. He looked dashing with a black bowler hat on his head and an umbrella under his arm.

"Mr. Steed, you look positively delectable today!" she purred as she embraced him with a happy smile.

"You're not bad yourself, Mrs. Peel," he grinned, kissing her softly.

Wendy laughed. "I'm just sorry I left my vinyl catsuit and boots at home, but I guess this dress will have to do..."

"You tease," he chided her with a big grin, his eyes admiring her in the soft pink cotton cashmere sweater and skirt she wore. "Shall we?" Richard offered an arm, and they headed out into the rain.

Richard motioned for her to stand beneath the awning of the office building while he rushed out to open the car door for her.

He held her about the waist with one arm, the other holding his umbrella above her as they dashed to the car. When she was safely seated, he closed her door and ran around to the driver's side and got in.

"So, what's in store for us this afternoon?" Wendy asked, resting her head on his shoulder as they drove.

Richard put his arm around her and leaned over to kiss her forehead. "I thought it might be fun to take in a movie, snuggle in with some hot popcorn in a nice warm theatre. How's that sound, love?"

"Just wonderful!" she smiled. "What's playing?"

He smiled mischievously. "You and me, if you don't mind a little afternoon make-out session..."

A chill ran down Wendy's spine, and it wasn't from the rain. "Mmmmm, that sounds nice." she said softly, playing with the little curling hairs that teased at his collar.

They soon arrived at the theatre. On such a dsmal day, there was no trouble finding a perfect parking spot right in front of the theatre. Richard and Wendy got their tickets and went inside.

At the concession stand, Richard ordered their refreshments. "A large popcorn with extra butter and a box of Milk Duds, please." He paid the young cashier and grabbed the cardboard tray full of goodies.

Finding the theatre nearly empty, save for a few scattered people, they sat down in the middle of the blissfully deserted back row. Richard's large, strong hand held her dainty one as they waited for the movie to begin. Wendy looked at him and smiled.

In just a few minutes, the lights went down and the projector started to roll. It was a popular romantic comedy, starring the young heartthrob movie star of the day. But as handsome as the actor was, he dimmed in the light of Wendy's own sweet, sexy, charming real-life leading man.

Richard took a kernel of popcorn and held it to her lips. "Here you go, darlin'" he smiled sweetly. Wendy opened her mouth and took the rich, salty morsel into her mouth, crunching it slowly and savoring the flavor.

She reached into the bucket and offered a piece to Richard. He curled his tongue around it and slipped it into his mouth with a smile, taking her hand in his and gently licking the butter from her fingers, closing his eyes as if he were tasting heaven. Wendy sighed and ran her other hand through his coarse, gently-greying hair.

They fed each other again. Richard leaned close and whispered. "You've got a little butter..right there..." He proceeded to run his fingertip, as gentle as a butterfly, across her lips, then licked it off his finger. His tongue emerged again to taste her, salty and slick, and she opened her mouth to him, hungering for the beautiful sensation of his tongue exploring her mouth.

They alternated between bites of popcorn and intoxicating hot buttered kisses. His mouth still on hers, Richard reached down, desperately fumbling with the seat rest between them, needing to be closer to her.

If anyone else heard their soft moans and sighs, they didn't notice. Or care. When Richard finally got the seat rest down, Wendy scooted onto his lap and held him as she looked deeply into his eyes, an icy emerald blaze that made her go weak in the knees.

With a soft grin, he reached into the Milk Dud box and retrieved one of the chocolatey confections.

"Here, have one," he said as she took it into her mouth and offered him one in return.

As they finished them, Richard popped another into his mouth.

"Hey!" Wendy protested with a giggle. "Aren't you going to share?"

With a raised eyebrow and a mischievous grin, he whispered "Mmmmmm, maybe... why don't you c'mere and get it?" He pulled her close.

She pressed her mouth to his, gently touching his tongue with hers, then going farther, deeper, to find the treat, Richard playfully rolling it around in his mouth to keep her from finding it.

"I'm no quitter," Wendy smiled softly, continuing her search, "I can keep looking all day if I have to."

"You say that as if it would be a bad thing..." he grinned as he enjoyed her salty-sweet tongue in his mouth, gently sucking on it.

Finally, he relented and nudged the tiny nugget into her mouth. The chocolate had long since melted away, and the small shard of caramel that remained dissolved into a puddle of sweetness.

Smiling, she reached into the box for another candy and rolled it into her mouth, this time playing keepaway from Richard's playful, probing tongue.

Soon, they were interrupted by the lights coming up.

"Well, darlin', it looks like we missed the movie," Richard grinned as he smoothed his hair.

"I don't mind at all," Wendy smiled.

A group of teenagers snickered as they passed the old fogeys who were obviously far too ancient to be making out at the movies. She laughed and began to stand up.

"Hey!" Richard protested, "Where do you think you're going?"

She giggled. "Well, like you said, the movie's over."

Seeing that nobody else remained in the theatre, he pulled her back down onto his lap and kissed her again.

"We're not going anywhere yet," Richard smiled, savoring her candied mouth once again.

Wendy looked at him, eyes glowing. "Why not?"

With another kiss, he replied, "Haven't you ever heard of a double feature?"


* * * * *