When I looked upon my earthly life,
All around me I could see
The dark and desolate ruins of
What I'd wished that it would be.

Where once I'd dreamed of happiness,
Of accomplishments and acclaim,
Before me now lay mere remnants,
To my dismay and shame.

Bits and pieces, odds and ends,
A ragged, jagged mess.
Oh how could years of living pass
With no trace of success?

But one sweet night, I dreamed that I
Looked in a whole new way
At what I saw as failures...
And it took my breath away.

I floated up to the clouds and looked
Down upon an awesome scene -
A portrait of peace and tranquility
In the place where that heap had been.

I looked in amazement at how each shattered piece
Fit together in harmonic hues
To form a heavenly mosaic
That only the Artist could do.

Each unfulfilled dream and disappointment,
Each hope dashed by the storms of life,
All seemed to glow like precious gems
Polished by the struggles and strife.

As the Master Artist set each piece in place
Their glorious jewel-like hues
Formed a brilliant, glimmering rainbow
With eternal light infused.

And it is the shards of my broken heart -
Fair rubies the eye to entice -
That sparkle the brightest of them all
For they came at the greatest price.

Copyright Cheryl B. 2009
Diva's Garden of Verse

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