Here are some poems that I have written.
I hope you enjoy them...

She waits all hope for his return someday.
Dreams sweet and promises flood through her mind.
Sweet tortured bliss will have its cruel way,
Such youthful innocence he left behind.
The ocean's sting by day, tear-burnt by night,
Has left her older still, her eyes long dimmed
By such unspoken fear, that nameless fright
Of punishments for uncommited sins.
But Truth comes, calls, entreating, and she longs
To know it, did he leave her? Why? And how?
If drowned or faithless, seeing he was wrong,
And doubtless dead to her in full by now.
And thus she quits her dirge so faithfully
To leave him to his endless home at sea.

The two young lovers met and wooed,
Their romance sweet and true.
Did birds sing clearer? The sun more bright?
To them, at least, 'twas true.

Yes, so in love were they it seemed
Their bond could not be severed.
They promised and they promised well
And, meaning it, "forever."

But how compelling Hate can be
And Envy greater still
When lovers unaware fall prey
To one of greater will.

She wanted him herself, you see,
She'd win his love, no doubt.
His beloved one was in the way
And must be taken out.

Unhuman, still she lacked not charm
So beautiful she seemed
That he had loved her long ago
In a land of ghosts and dreams.

Their nights had burned with ice and fire
Such passion they had found
He'd not forgot her soon, but now
His heart by love was bound.

Her eyes, transluscent green, turned dark.
She cursed them both and said
That when she'd finished with them they
Would both be better dead.

But though she tried to cause them fear,
And will their love away,
Her sorcery just made them strong
Through each horrific day.

"Enough!" she cried. She would not wait
For his love anymore.
"If I can't have him, let them die -
My precious spoils of war."

She burned a candle, moaned some words
To bring them to their end.
Within each others' arms they pledged
They, not their love, she'd spend.

The lovers breathed their very last
With tears of faith and hope.
She laughed and sighed and buried them
On distant mountain slopes.

That night, oh how the cold winds blew
And chilled her to her soul.
Her heart beat fast within her breast
As dark and black as coal.

For on each gust, she heard their voice -
Taunting, haunting, cold -
That vowed to never leave her 'til
She withered, grey and old.

And yet, her fear and sorrow sprang
From what they did not say:
In death their bond eternal grew,
By spurned love's curse unswayed.

And thus today she lives alone,
Each day grows dark and colder.
Her powers comfort small without
His tender arms to hold her.

Her curse has cursed her even more
Than the two she willed apart,
And always will she woe the day
That hatred broke her heart.

All rights reserved by author 1998